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Beginners guide to buying a bike

buying a bike

Are you an absolute beginner in the biking industry? Perhaps you have been riding bikes for the longest time, but you’ve never really got around to picking the right bike for you. Too many people today are sadly misinformed about the factors and specs for beginner bikes. Walking into a bike shop and seeing the sheer range available can be pretty overwhelming to the newbie on training wheels.One thing you should figure out is the type of bike that you want. There are some broad classes of bicycles, although these definitely aren’t the only types out there.Mountain bikes are the most popular with younger riders. They’re made for all-terrain biking and are very durable indeed. Then you have the road bike, which is built for zooming around the city streets. There are also hybrids between the two types mentioned.Cruiser bikes are for casual cyclists. They aren’t fast, but they are very stylish indeed. The best bike for a commuter with time on their hands.

What to avoid when buying a bike

There is an age old saying which states you don’t want to buy a bike that will ned up being a future clothes rack. How can you avoid these pitfalls, very easy choose a bike which aligns with your goals and needs and you have an 80% chance of rising that bike till it can not ride it any more? Be realistic about you skill level as well as your finances, the bike can be pricey and we do not want you to spend your last dollar on an over priced bike and have a resentment toward you purchase. This should be a fun experience, tip if your desired bike is out of your price range just save up until you can get it. I mean, that sounds easier said then done but why settle when you can just wait for it out a bit and perfect your skills on your old bike.

Be honest with yourself and your salesman

The first question you should ask yourself before getting asked by the sale team or customer support is what are you looking to get out of this bike? If you are deadset on a bad-to-the-bone racing bike be prepared to sacrifice comfort without the complaints.“Don’t buy a pure race bike, then complain because it’s uncomfortable for centuries.” Beware of any bike that needs significant modification to work for you—component swaps get expensive, and large fit adjustments (like adding a stack of headset spacers or a super-long stem) can change the character of the bike completely. A few tweaks are fine, but if you find yourself with a long list of things you’d like to switch, shop around to see if there’s another bike that better fits your needs.

Last but not least Don’t Skip the Accessories

If you go out and spend the farm on your new bike and do not leave a little cash for some accessories, you will surely regret it. We educate our buyers to have a strict and well thought out budget but encourage them when possible to package in little accessories to help style out your ride.At the very least, a new helmet ios a must have when riding your new bike across down and if possible some quality shorts with chamois padding, a floor pump, bottle cages, and bike lights. never hurt as well.

There are also other types of bikes available for beginners. Some of the best among the rest are shown here for you to choose from, if you will:

Best Bikes for Beginners

Best Bikes for Beginners


Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle reviewThis is a nice little cruiser bike from the company Firmstrong. It is available in two different sizes for riders of different heights. For simplicity, this bike is a single speed model which means that you don’t have to worry about changing the gears all the time. It has a very rugged and durable frame made out of steel, along with wheels made of an aluminum alloy. The tires are fat balloon tires that act as suspension as well, and the brakes are incredibly simple coasters. For the beginner who wants a comfortable ride, the saddle is nicely cushioned with two springs, and the bars are wide with nice, foamy grips.



Kent Thruster KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike Review

Kent Thruster KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike reviewThe Kent Thruster is quite a handy mountain bike that is capable of handling most entry level to intermediate offroad trails. The frame is very light, being made of aluminum alloy that resists corrosion. It has a 26-inch frame with a front suspension fork which handles bumps in the trails really well. There are 21-speed gears by Shimano, one of the best in the business, along with disc brakes for better, more powerful braking and alloy rims.





GMC Denali Road Bike

GMC Denali Road Bike reviewThe GMC Denali is a road bike with 21-speed shifters for added speed. It is sold in four different sizes, comes with alloy brakes and calipers, and has racing rims fitted onto it from Vitesse. The shifters and the derailleur are made by Shimano for additional reliability, and the tires are extremely resistant to wear and tear no matter how hard you work them out.

These are just three of many different road, mountain, cruiser and hybrid bikes you can get for yourself to get started down the road to better cycling. Make an informed buying decision for a way better experience!



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