Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse Review- Must Buy Item for 2016

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse Review

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse reviewComing out just in time for the holiday season is the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse. While there have been many Barbie doll houses over the years, this one has quite a few features that help it stand out.As the holiday season approaches, get ready to make your child’s dreams come true with the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse. Learn more with this full review of the latest Barbie house.

Features and Details of the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

The Barbie Hello Dreamhouse is a large doll house that helps bring Barbie into the 21st century. It is about time that Barbie had access to modern technology. This includes the addition of Wi-Fi enabled speech recognition, motors, an elevator, an electronic staircase, and other cool components. Check out the rest of the features:


  • Two-story smart home to reflect a modern lifestyle for Barbie and friends
  • A variety of interactive and customization options
  • Wi-Fi voice commands
  • Customize with your own sounds
  • Includes furniture and accessories
  • Intended for children 3 to 7 years of age
  • 6 different rooms with a total of 15 different locations

This is not your basic dollhouse. The addition of electronic features and compatibility with a mobile application gives your child a variety of new ways to interact with Barbie and her friends.

Barbie Dreamhouse full video review

Set Custom Sounds with the Companion App


Barbie Hello Dreamhouse The Dreamhouse contains 6 separate rooms. Your child has the option of giving each room a different customized sound, which can be set via the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse Companion App. This app is compatible with the latest iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Once this app is downloaded, your child can set the custom sounds for each room. Any sound can be chosen. There are preloaded sounds available or your child can record their own. There are three main features to the app. This includes how-to videos to help parents figure out how to assemble the house. This is a great feature, as it can kind of be confusing to set up all the pieces properly. In order to use this app, you will need to create a ToyTalk account. This a quick setup process, but it is kind of annoying that you have to go through several steps in order to complete the process.


Control the House with Voice Commands

Now comes the really cool part of the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse. Your child can control various features using voice commands. For example, you can actually command the house to open its doors or to move the elevator up or down. You can also turn the stairs into a slide or start a dance party with a light show, music, and a spinning chandelier.There is an astonishing amount of voice commands that the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse will recognize – more than 100 voice commands. It will take your child a long time in order to discover every option.

Includes a Working Elevator with Lights and Sounds

The elevator is controlled by voice command and can fit one Barbie doll at a time. The elevator is translucent, allowing you to see inside as it moves up and down between the two floors. As the elevator moves, the house comes alive, with flashing pink lights and music in the elevator.

Real Switches Throughout the House Provide Interactive Effects

Throughout the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse, you will find switches that add additional interactive effects. This includes various sounds and lights for the oven, office desk, and shower. The addition of these little interactive features could easily be overlooked, thanks to the more impressive voice commands.

Comes with Furniture and Accessories to Personalize the House

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse featuresUnlike some of the other dollhouses that are available, this playset includes a great selection of realistic accessories and furniture. All of the furniture and accessories are made with a modern style, in order to match the modern electronics.This includes trendy chairs, a bright pink table, a vase with flowers, a standing vase with a plant, a coffee table, and two chandeliers. You also get place settings, such as various vanity items, a blanket, and pillows. Many of these smaller pieces are designed to fit in Barbie’s hands.The variety of furniture and accessories provide quite a few options for decorating the home. It is also nice that they put a lot of detail into these pieces. They are not plain or basic, as you would expect.

Instead, they look like a miniature version of the real thing, including the television screen, a laptop, a small cat, and dozens of little wall decorations.


Six Separate Rooms with 15 Total Locations


There is a total of six different rooms. Some of the rooms have multiple areas, which creates a total of 15 different locations that can have their own custom sounds. The rooms include a living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, and elevator area.

Are There Any Disadvantages to the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse?


Before you decide to order the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse, there are a couple of issues to point out. First, this dollhouse and all of the features can be very complicated without instructions. Luckily, you can view how-to videos and tutorials through the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse companion app.You will definitely need to watch some of these videos as you assemble the house. This is not an easy process. You may end up spending a couple of hours getting everything ready for Barbie.The other issue is the size of the pieces. If you have purchased Barbie accessories before, then you know that these small pieces can pose a choking hazard for small children. The manufacturer recommends the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse for children ages three and up.

Of course, you should use your own judgment. If you think that your child may attempt to eat any of the pieces, then maybe wait a year or two before buying something with such small accessories.


Final Thoughts on the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

The Barbie Hello Dreamhouse knocks all other dollhouses out of the way. This is the first fully interactive dollhouse to make such great use of modern technology. With over 100 voice commands, customized sounds, and 13 electronic switches, this house is fully wired to make life easy for Barbie and her friends.





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