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Wizard Toys and Games is dedicated to providing parents, grandparents, and any gift-giver with the most current insider information on toys and children’s entertainment. We review toys, games, movies, apps, video games, books, and more every day to help you find the perfect choices for the kids in your lives.

In addition to our daily product testimonials, we also publish two seasonal gift guides, one for springtime & summertime, as well as one for the holiday season.

Plus, we love to share! We have weekly, daily, and monthly giveaways all year round!

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Ask Wizard Toys and Games


What makes you the experts?


Altogether, we have more than 50 years of combined experience in the toy sector. We go to all the fantastic toy profession shows; we have meaningful relationships with hundreds of toy manufacturers, as well as we talk with plaything stores and also market experts on a regular basis. Because we are so engaged in the toy sector, we understand what makes toys engaging and meaningful.


How do you evaluate the toys?


We understand what makes an excellent plaything, and also we assess playthings based on a five-point standard: play value, creativity, ability building, item honesty, and also fun variable. We want to ensure that the price tag matches just how much fun the toy is, we assess the educational and also social advantages of each toy, and also we hang around playing to understand how youngsters would reply to toys. No toy is given a review without being thoroughly evaluated.


Do you sell toys?


Wizard Toys and Games is not a retailer, and we do not sell any toys. Nevertheless, all of our reviews and also gift guide picks function a “Buy it Now” button that you could use to buy the toy at a retailer like Amazon.com, Walmart, or similar well-known stores.


I have a toy company/ factory, can you evaluate my product? nicely


Absolutely! Please feel free to contact us for more information.


I’m a YouTuber, can you send me some toys for my video clips?


Regrettably, Wizard Toys and Gamings is not looking to companion with any other extra YouTube channels for unboxing video clips at this time, yet we would certainly still like to hear from you! If you have proposals on exactly how to work together, please email us.


I’m a blog owner, and I wish to become a mom (or dad) panelist. How can I do so?


Currently, Wizard Toys and Games is not seeking any added moms and dad panelists at this time. But, please send us an email and also reveal your interest! If a spot opens up, we will be delighted to keep you in mind.


I acquired a toy based upon a testimonial from Wizard Toys and Games, and also now it’s damaged! What can I do?


Wizard Toys and Games Toy Experts are not makers of any toys, so you would certainly have to speak to the seller at which you acquired the playthings, or the toy makers for help!