Top 10 Best Children’s Board Games

10 Best Children’s Board Games

Best Board Games

Children are hard to please when it comes to entertainment. Pairing it with educational toys might seem like the ravings of a lunatic, but it is possible. There are board games out there that will spark the interest of children of all ages. They will teach them valuable life lessons while engaging them in hours of solitary or team based play that will build them into better people in the future. Here are ten of the best kids’ board games for you to buy your child this season.Check out our latest post on the top 10 best board games.

John N. Hansen Classic Wood Folding Chess Set Review

Chess is a game thaTop 10 Best Children’s Board Gamest has been around for centuries. There is no age limit to the people who can play this game. It is one of the most strategically advanced and diverse games in the world. It also leads to hours of fun for two players. While it is a slower game than you might think, there are children out there who could do well with a healthy dose of patience, strategy, prioritization, and focus. All of these are ingrained into any chess player’s mind. Get your child a chess set and play with them whenever you can. Who knows, maybe they will even beat you in their first game!





Clue The Classic Edition Review

clue-the-classic-edition-reviewClue is one of those game that is meant for the big leagues. It has come up through the generations because everyone loves solving a mystery. The game is to figure out who murdered a very important guest at a party in an old manor house. There are different suspects, weapons, and rooms in which the murder could have been committed. Players have to use their critical thinking and powers of deduction to figure out who did what in which room. It is a ton of fun to play with family and friends.





7 Wonders by Asmodee Review


7 Wonders 7-wonders-reviewis a fascinating board game by Asmodee that will turn your child’s imagination out into the wild to run free as it pleases. They are placed in charge of one of the oldest ancient civilizations of the world. They can pick from seven of the greatest. The goal is to build up the civilization into one that will decimate all opposition in the world through the management of resources and military domination. You will not regret getting yourself and your child 7 Wonders because it will draw the family closer than ever before.





Jenga Review

jenga-reviewJenga is a board game of sorts that works in the same way as a building puzzle game. Two or more players can play and have the time of their lives while playing this game. It is fun, results in people rolling around in laughter, and can be pretty awesome to teach your child to develop their motor skills and concentration. It also teaches kids to take their time with their actions to get the best results (slow and stead wins the race!). Build up the tower and try not to make it crash back down!


Best New Board games

Splendor Review

splendor board game review


Made by Asmodee, the Splendor game is one that transports your child into the Renaissance, turning them into a merchant traveling through the ancient cities. They have to travel through the world, hiring their own performers, and creating jewelry that stuns the nobility and makes them want to pay your child’s character more than ever before! Splendor is a game that is made for children of all ages, and provides hours of fun and laughter for everyone.

Spot It! Review

Spotspoit-it-review It! is a game by Asmodee that has the capability to turn your living room into a joyous place indeed. It has won many awards in the past, and involves using cards to spot different colorful animals. There are many ways to play this game, and the options are limitless. Made for kids from the ages of four to seven, Spot it is bound to turn your life upside down while developing their recognition and visual perception skills.

Pandemic Legacy Blue Board Game Review

pandemic-legacy-blue-board-game-reviewIn Pandemic, the fate of the world as we know it is placed in the hands of your kid. There is no better way to teach them about responsibility and strategy than with this fast paced, exciting board game. Players are allowed control of different characters, each of whom has a special ability. They all have the same goal though – to cure humanity of the four dreadful diseases that are sweeping through the world, decimating populations and cutting through the globe like a hot knife through butter. Teach your child the power of teamwork and the joy of victory.

Pie Face Review

pie face reviewPie Face is an awesome board game for kids aged 5 and up. The game has a mechanical arm that could, at any moment, be activated and slam a pie into the face of an unsuspecting player. This adds tension to the gameplay as everyone worries about who will be next. Players take turns to turn the handle. At any point during a turn, the pie could be launched! If one player turns the handle and doesn’t get splatted, they get to wait for the next turn to come around. The game is simple to understand and is a ton of fun for everyone.

Board Games Review

Elemento board game Review

elemento board game reviewElementos is a two player board game that is perfect for teaching your child about the basic elements and their functions in the world. There are basic rules in this game – fire takes wood, wood takes water and water takes fire. This cycle is what the players must adhere to in an attempt to get their wand to the other side of the board. It is fast paced and takes some strategic thinking to get the right moves at the right time. Definitely a board game for everyone and their children.

Robot Turtles Review

robot turtle reviewThis is a board game that started out as a Kickstarter project and is now one of the best out there. Inspired by Logo, the programming software, it teaches 4-year-olds and up the basic tenets of programming while giving them tons of fun all day long. Your kid has to write a program to win the game using the cards they are dealt. This is a very educational game that could really benefit your child in the long run!




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