10 best board games for teenagers- XMAS 2016 Review

10 Best Board Games for Teenagers

It’s the holiday season, and it’s time to go shopping for the perfect present for your teenager. Picking a present for a child is hard, but doing it for a teenager is torture. They are constantly craving entertainment, and it can be pretty difficult providing this all the time. A board game is the perfect outlet for this. Here are ten awesome board games your teenager is sure to love!

Settlers of Catan Review

settlers-of-catan-reviewThe Settlers of Catan is a card-based strategy board game which is really fast paced. Made by Mayfair Games, this one has won a ton of awards for being an all round awesome game to play. Players have to capture settlements and towns as they fight their way to victory against other players. It comes with a constantly varying strategy, along with tons of fun and a negligible learning curve.





Risk – Global Domination Review

risk global domination reviewRisk is an exciting board game from Hasbro. It is made for teenagers and contains small parts, so keep it away from little children. The game is all about employing a strategy to dominate all the countries in the world. Players have to place troops, attack enemy towns and countries, and take turns to try and conquer the entire civilized world. There are 3 different ways to play and a variety of strategies that can be used to win. Overall, this is a board game that really advances your teen’s thinking and strategic skills, helping them learn and grow.



Trivial Pursuit Review

trivial pursuit reviewTrivial Pursuit is a classic party game that has been around for ages. It is a highly durable game which features some fast paced gameplay. The entire game revolves around trivia questions, which makes this a valuable learning experience for your teen. It has over 1200 questions in 6 different genres and is loads of fun for the whole family.



Taboo Review

taboo reviewTaboo is one of the most fun board games you can get your teen. Players are split into two teams, and one team must guess the secret word one of their teammates has received. You can give them very indirect clues, but the direct ones are taboo! This game enhances your teen’s imagination and creativity as they try to come up with ways to make their allies guess the word without giving them any real hints. Perfect for teenagers and adults, and even young children at parties!

Quiddler Review

quidler reviewQuiddler is an award-winning card game that has taken the world by storm. It is very fun to play and isn’t hard to learn at all. The objective of this game is to arrange all the cards in a player’s hand into multiple words. More cards are dealt as time passes, and players strive for the high score using the triple word and double letter cards. This game is a real booster to both spelling and vocabulary skills in your teenager because it promotes creativity and knowledge like no other game ever has. This game will keep everyone entertained all the time.



Scattergories Review

scattergories reviewScattergories is a fun and easy game in which two teams of players have to come up with sets of answers that are in keeping with the different categories they have on cards dealt out to them. To make things even more challenging, players have to start each answer with a predetermined letter that has been decided by the roll of a die. The team with the most points at the end of each round wins. This is a game that reinforces word relationships and increases understanding of different language concepts in teens and is a very useful learning tool.



5 Second Rule Review

5 second rule reviewThe 5-second rule is an explosive game for teens that truly puts their language and vocabulary skills to the test. A category is named, or a topic and the players have to name a certain number of words related to the topic. The catch? It has to be done in 5 seconds flat. This game truly puts the pressure on, and begs for some fast-paced gameplay with quick reactions and thinking. The result of all this? The most ridiculous answers in the world escaping the lips of the players involved!



Curses  Board Game Review

curse board gameCurses is the perfect board game for your teenager. Players are afflicted with different Curses over the course of the game. These are usually super hilarious, forcing them to squawk like parrots, talk like pirates (ARRR, MATEY!), and making them do the wackiest things in the world. The first person to chicken out drops out! The game is absolutely hilarious, and will help you bond with your teen, making them want to spend more time with the rest of the family just so that they can check out what Curses they will be cursed with next!



Say Anything Board Game Review

say anything board game reviewSay Anything is an awesome party board game for kids aged 13 and up. It is hilarious, fun and easy to play for anyone. Players are asked questions about what they would say in certain situations, and one player has to judge the wacky answers that come out in the end. There are many ways to play the game and infinitely many ways to have fun doing it!




Monopoly Board Game Review

monopoly ultimate banking review

Monopoly. This is one of the most time-honored board games in this age. Generations of players have enjoyed the ton of fun there is to had with this radical game. Take control of different tokens as you race against your teens to monopolize the properties on the board. Buy properties, build houses and hotels on them and send your enemies to jail as you play a high stakes game for the whole family.

There are tons of other board games for your teenager and you too. Take a look at all your options before picking one out. It is almost a guarantee that you and your family will soon be closer than ever as you laugh and play together all night long. There’s nothing like a board game to bring people together, after all!



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